Robert has a multidisciplinary background with work as an artist, editor, producer, animator, architect and actor. In 2000 he joined Lost Glove Film Productions to co-produce and star in the “absurdist curio” One Man’s Ceiling which premiered at the inaugural Tribeca Film Festival in New York and in the Berlin Film Market. His short animated piece, “The Long Walk”, an old school stop-motion graphic response to the 911 tragedy, also screened at the same festival.

His editing and design clients range from the Corporate sector to the Non-Profit and Educational arena and often into the online promotional/blog entrepreneur world.

Robert received his Masters in Architecture from SCIarc, The Southern California Institute of Architecture.

He currently is focused on designing, fabricating, and installing large private and public sculptures. He also builds and designs furniture, children’s play structures, and shelter shacks.

He is married with two boys and lives exclusively by the simple motto: bcnaf

doors and windows are cut for a room;
yet, it is the space where there is nothing
that makes it useful.
therefore, though advantage comes from what is,
usefulness comes from what is not
tao te ching, 11 (mc carroll)